04 April 2013

Honeycrack - Prozaic (1996)

★ ★

Honeycrack were sadly disadvantaged by their main songwriter - Willie. There are two deadly paths songs in this punky-pop-rock-diet-metal genre must avoid. Billie Joe Armstrong is currently wandering down the left path, tossing off generic three chord songs without abandon. Willie chose the other path: desperate to be viewed as a serious songwriter he throws in every chord, riff, melody and genre he can find. The result is a fucking mess. If you like the first ten seconds of a song I guarantee there's something wanky round the corner that you will hate. Sometimes the music even gets kinda heavy in an industrial sorta way, but Willie's damp boyband voice just can't cut it. The Gil Norton produced "Go Away" is the highlight - shockingly it sounds a lot like the Pixies. This kind of rock music has to come from the heart, or the gut, or the balls. If you're coming from the brain then you better know what you're doing. I guess I just disagree with Willie about what makes cool-sounding rock music. He writes music for commercials now. Conclusion: Clever, but ugly as fuck.

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